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Claim Reporting Options

Homestead Mutual Insurance Claim Center

It is important, for your own protection that you report a claim as soon as possible. What you do after you report your claim is important, too.


Report your claim ONLINE


If you have an emergency claim that needs immediate attention such as a fire, serious water damage or other significant loss please call the main number after our normal business hours. You will reach our Emergency Claims Reporting Service and they will contact one of our claims representatives and put that person in touch with you.

What should I do after I report my claim?

You should take all necessary steps - securing property, temporarily boarding windows and roof, drying carpets and personal property, for example - to prevent further damage. If you don’t, and additional damage results, it may not be covered. Don’t begin any permanent repairs or dispose of any damaged property before an adjuster sees the damage. In the case of perishable items (such as food) that must be disposed of, first take photographs to substantiate your claim. Otherwise, some damages may not be covered. Be sure to keep all receipts for emergency repairs and for items that might qualify as additional living expenses (water, ice, or lodging charges if your home is uninhabitable, for example).

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